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Quick opening of online store: rental Online Shops!

Save time and money and get a turnkey up-to-date online shop at a price of maintenance program without any need for further investment! Your online shop is now all set to use!
Custom design - The integrated designer will ensure unique style, which can be easily modified or improved. Create any design within minute!
State-of-art tools and technologies - the online shop contains more than 200 most sought ecommerce elements which will allow maximizing the benefits of your investment!
Administration and support - comprehensive support, expert advice on any issues and all the necessary services on your website are already included and do not require any further investment or efforts!

Преимущества быстрой развертки и аренды интернет - магазина


Quick opening

Your online shop is designed to work straight out of the box! Simply complete the catalog of goods and contact details and start selling!

Assured success

Maximum probability of success! All your efforts are focused on sales! No more distractions!


Sales accelerator! The most powerful e-commerce technologies will enhance your profits and productivity

All-in approach

All the tools are included! At your disposal are recent e-commerce and product presentation technologies.


Complete support! Our support team will assist you in any matter and implement you online shop in best way possible!


Low maintenance costs! The most powerful e-commerce technologies will enhance your profits and productivity!

Services and opportunities of Online Store

E-commerce website builder
Fully customizable e-commerce website design: you can configure catalog of types of products, arrangement of products, quick viewing, navigation menu. 100% flexible!
User-friendly shopping cart
We offer a choice of several types of adjustable ajax carts as well as useful single-page checkout with payment (e-payment) and delivery options.
Product price builder
Product builder: sizes, attributes, features, combined and related products. Types of prices (extra charges) depending on product options.
Landing page
Landing (sales) page builder: significantly increases conversions and sets up accurate product description; creates promotional activities and sales; custom design.
Search, filters, sorting
Searching and flexible filtering enable product sorting by any parameter and option: size, color, features, packing, price, user-defined search options.
Show ecommerce sample site
Discounts, new arrivals, hot trends
Enabling sales. Selected products. Sticker icons: new arrival, discounts, best price, recommended, promotion action. Modules and banners for attractive product presentation. Product comparison.
User’s account
Adjustable user’s account, purchase history, email updates. Trade and retail prices.
1-click ordering.
CEO Tools
Complete search engine promotion. Titles, description, keywords, alt, h1-h6, interlinking, nonredundancy, site/catalog map; conversion counters.

E-commerce website design builder

200+ embedded e-commerce tools

Fast and easy checkout process, one-click checkout – take and process more orders!

Smart search and filtering by parameters enable buyers fast searching for required products

Accept online Visa, MasterCard payments, e-payments, bank transfers

Increase conversion rates. All the kinds of advertising are now available to you! Use discounts, sales, top sellers, new arrivals!

Tablet and Phone integration: mobile shopping, fast response, adaptability.

Multimedia capabilities: Enhance your product promotion, add 3D and video to your product catalog description!

Use all the channels of fast communication with the customers: online chat messenger, feedback, questions on products, callback.

Landing page: Turn boring products into exclusive and effective advertising that Sells!

Associated, similar, and endorse products: Help your customers to buy only from you!

Admin panel and control Online Store

Intuitive interface on the basis of CMS platform, control convenience, sections organized according to subjects.

High productivity and efficiency ensured by current technologies combined with comfortable working conditions!

Immediate result: Your online shop is set up and ready for operation. All that is left to do is to fill in the contact details and product catalog.

Website support and maintenance.

User support: We provide immediate customer support on any issue! Our support team will help you add content and products and provide consulting services!

Your web shop will be placed on a powerful, smoothly running, fail-safe platform. The use of dedicated servers will result in very high load carrying and faster response time even for very large websites. Management and administration are done automatically under Support control.
Data protection through both advanced hardware and software solutions will prevent software failures, hacking attempts and other problems.
Regular backups and service maintenance.
Conditioned Web hosting provides a website stable and effective functioning. All the advanced websites require at least a VPS dedicated server on Intel Xeon Processor using Linux as its operating system; assured performance, dedicated channels, antivirus protection, protection against attacks and hacks.

Online shop administration

Price full opening Online Store



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Лучший функционал и инструменты для Интернет - Магазинов

Конструктор дизайна

Любой современный дизайн за считанные минуты, адаптивный, кроссбраузерный, мобильный. Все элементы настраиваются!

Конструктор Лэндинг пейдж

Целевые страницы - превратите скучные товары в эксклюзивные и эффективные рекламные буклеты, которые продают!

Инструменты онлайн продаж

Заказ товаров в 1 клик, быстрый просмотр, презентации товаров, отзывы, обратный звонок, онлайн прием платежей.

Конструктор опций товаров

Цвета, размеры, характеристики, атрибуты, сопутствующие товары. Типы цен (наценка) от опций товаров.

Легкое управление товарами

Быстрое изменение цен и атрибутов, визуальное редактирование описаний, интуитивно понятный интерфейс.

Поиск, фильтры, сортировка

Расширенный поиск, фильтр по цене и произвольным параметрам. Сортировки товаров: новинки, хоты, распродажи.

Распродажи, акции, новинки

Инструменты распродаж. Иконки стикеры: новинка, скидки, лучшая цена, рекомендуемые, акция.

Поисковое продвижение

Все инструменты для поискового продвижения, titles, description, keywords, h1-h6, перелинковка, карта сайта.
за комплекс услуг!
Интернет - Магазин "под ключ" + администрирование +техподдержка +хостинг
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